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    ( November 14, 2019 )
  • Lean Conference
    ( November 15 - 16, 2019 )
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    Pune, India

About the Conference

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Lean construction principles and techniques are becoming increasingly popular world-wide due to the consequent improvement in productivity and profitability of projects. The International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), founded in 1993 and the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) have been frontiers in the international arena that have enabled wider adoption of Lean concepts in the global construction community through regular conduction of workshops and conferences apart from other events. Inspired by the philosophy to reduce waste and maximize value on projects, leading players in India, have in the recent past, come forward to test and adopt these techniques.

To popularize the concepts of Lean Construction in India, Institute for Construction Excellence (ILCE) conducted its first Indian Lean Construction Conference (ILCC) in 2015 ( http://web.iitm.ac.in/ilcc2015 ) in Mumbai followed by ILCC 2017 at IIT Madras (https://ilcc.qbeing.info/), both of which were well attended. Incidentally in 2018, the 26th Annual conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) was also conducted for the first time in India in Chennai (iglc2018.com). Continuing on this lean journey and supporting this endeavor, National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR) jointly in association with ILCE would be conducting the third ILCC at its Pune campus from 14th – 16th November, 2019.

The main objective of ILCC 2019 is to provide a common platform where Lean practitioners including owners, contractors, consultants, coaches and academics from Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) disciplines can deliberate on lean adoption and implementation techniques in construction projects and share their experiences. The theme of the conference is: “Bringing up Lean Culture in Indian Construction” and will be conducted along the lines of IGLC conference. It would consist of a one day workshop and a two day technical conference. The pre-conference workshop will focus on training the participants on lean implementation techniques on Indian construction project sites and the conference would feature keynote addresses by international and national invited speakers, presentation of industrial case-studies and panel discussions apart from academic and research presentations.